Popular Social Work Careers

Social work is one of those careers that directly impacts people. A master's degree in social work can open up many doors and be a way to show people that one not only has the classroom knowledge to do the work but also the compassion and dedication needed to be a social worker. Over time this field has become popular and there are some exciting career opportunities in the field. See the best information about  social work careers.

Social workers work in various fields one of them being the medical field where there is always an increased demand for social workers. There are projections that the demand for social workers is expected to increase by at least 20% in the next year. Medical social workers can work in any healthcare facility like hospitals, hospices, emergency rooms, nursing homes, assisted living centers, rehabilitation centers and even home health agencies. They work with patients to guarantee that they are being taken care of well, facilitate communication between the care givers and the patients, and assist in decision-making and the paperwork. Social workers that work in the medical field or public health sectors act as advocates for patient rights and are a source of comfort in tough times. Due to the importance of social work in this area it normally attracts a decent salary compared to the other fields. Learn more about social work careers  click here .

The other area that social workers work in are in the substance abuse sector which includes places like rehabilitation facilities, private practices, prisons, for- and non-profit organizations and even juvenile detention centers. This sector is known to be a very emotionally demanding area in social work since the journey towards sobriety is never easy. People that are trying to quit drugs need compassion and patience, and navigating through the emotional turbulences that they normally have like mood swings, relapses into usage and ire require the social worker to be very dedicated. But the fact that the social worker knows that they are helping someone in the journey of recovery makes the job worth the hustle. The American system is shifting gears and placing more emphasis on drug recovery and rehabilitation. This is bound to create a demand for social workers in this industry in the next couple of years. Seek more info about social work  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/social-work .

Whereas a masters in social work is not always required to have a career in social work but it is makes one a marketable client. One of the areas one requires a master's degree is in mental health in clinical practice.